Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Turtles on Folly Beach

The South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital plans to release two loggerhead sea turtles today, June 9, at 2 p.m. at the Folly Beach County Park.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lil' Mama's on Folly

It was a great afternoon on Folly! After walking the dogs on the beach, Gordon and I hopped on the bikes and headed out for lunch. Neither of us had been to Lil' Mama's - so it was decided! The menu was VAST! Several choices for sandwiches, salads, pizza, vegetarian options and a kids menu - something for everyone!

I ordered the Asian chicken salad in a wrap and Gordon chose the sausage & pineapple quesadilla.

This wrap was overflowing with grilled chicken, mixed greens, almonds, green onion and a great citrus dressing. The side of fresh fruit made it a perfect meal to start off a day on the beach!

The quesadilla was grilled and stuffed with that great crumbled sausage with herbs and a little spice that was paired well with the pineapple. Fresh and satisfying! What a nice surprise to try a new lunch spot and fall in love!

Lil' Mama's
106 West Hudson Street
Folly Beach, SC 29439

Free Delivery ! Call Ahead for Take-Out
Smoking Outside on Deck
Beer & Wine for Dine-In or Take Out
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 9(ish)
Closed Sunday and Monday

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Street Map of Folly Beach

Once you are on the island, everything you need on Folly Beach can be accessed by bike. So park your car and get peddling!

All major attractions are along Center Street: restaurants, surf shops, gas station, etc. And with a little exploring off Center Street you will find great coffee at the Lost Dog Cafe, a couples massage at Michelle's Salon & Spa and (of course) Bert's Market - where "We may doze, but we never close".

**Please share the road with bikers! And bikers, please ride with traffic and try to play by the rules of the road. My biggest issue with tourists is speeding on Folly. You are on VACATION! Please slow down. 30 is plenty on Folly! Let's all have a safe and relaxing summer.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tips for vacation rentals

  • In most homes and rental apartments, linens are not supplied. This includes sheets, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, kitchen towels and beach towels and in some cases blankets. You can either bring your own or ask the Rental Company or owner to request linen service. The charge is usually minimal. The linen service will both deliver and pick up.

  • Unless a visitor before you left some of these items, you can expect to need cleaning products, paper towels, tissue, toilet paper, soap, and possibly even hangers or an iron.

  • Ask the Renter to give you the phone number for the house or apartment before you arrive. Very often, the number is not printed on the phones.

  • Most rentals have long distance blocked for outgoing calls. So you will want to bring along a long distance card or your cell phone.

  • Tell the Renter to make sure the windows are cleaned both inside and out for your arrival. The salt builds up on windows very quickly on the beach and the Renters (trying to save money) do not always clean the windows after each rental. It’s a shame to pay the price for a beautiful view and not be able to appreciate it. Make sure you add this to the contract you sign and before you pay.

  • If you are going to stay in a condominium or apartment, make sure to ask if it is a gated community. If so, tell the Renter they must give you the necessary cards or clickers for the gate at the time you pick up your keys. Otherwise, you will not be able to pull your car into the condominium’s parking area. Unloading your car from the street is not a fun experience and I’ve seen many visitors who had to do that. Also make sure to ask them how to open the gate to your building from your apartment. Usually this can be done by having your visitors press certain buttons at the gate which will call your apartment – and then when you answer the phone, you can press certain buttons to open the gate.

  • If you plan to bring a pet, do not expect you can get away with it in a condominium that does not accept pets. Most condos have custodians on the grounds who watch for people who are breaking the rules regarding pets, pool use, parking, etc.

  • If something is wrong in the house or apartment, don’t be shy about contacting the Renter. You have rights as a renter to expect that all the large and small appliances, air conditioners, showers, faucets, locks, etc. are in good working order. If the house or apartment is carpeted, you should expect a vacuum cleaner be on the premises. They should also provide things like toilet brushes, brooms and dustpans or dust mops where appropriate. If the Renter is a real estate company, they may try to brush you off, but be very firm with them. Tell them you will notify the owner about their poor service if they do not treat you fairly.

Photos on Folly

Taking photos of Folly is as natural as turning your face towards the sun. Now that I can experiment with this great digital camera, my eye is becoming more refined.

Capturing a moment of the day, when the sky is just the right shade of blue and the shadows dance across the water is so satisfying. But I have also learned that the lens can hardly do justice to the real thing.

Menage a Trios - Red Wine

Last night's dinner was a great homemade classic: Meat and potatoes with a Chef Rock twist. We had rare sliced rib eye over hashbrowns with a saute of vadalia onions, baby portobellas and broccoli. Drizzled with a balsalmic reduction and complimented by one of my favorite red wines - Manage a Trois.

It's a California Table Wine with a big nose, soft, jammy finish and good value ($9-$15 a bottle).

Trying new wines is a great way to find new favorites. Happy Tasting!

The Dogs Love Folly Beach!

I have an English Springer Spaniel and Gordon's dog is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They both ADORE the beach. The first few times we brought the dogs to the beach we were plagued with incessant yelps of excitement at the first whiff of salt air. Now, with a more relaxed demeanor, the dogs get to visit the ocean daily as well as jog down the sand alongside our beach cruisers.

**Dogs are welcomed - LEASHED - on Folly Beach before 10am and after 6pm during the Summer Months to allow for beach goers to visit Folly dog-free as well as to spare your pup from the hottest hours of the day.

**Love dogs, hate poop! Travel with a clean up bag. There is public trash at every beach access for easy disposal. Most beach access have extra bags if you forget.

Morris Island Lighthouse

This is the Morris Island Lighthouse. A rich history and avid supporters of it's preservation surround this beautiful structure.

For more information about the lighthouse visit http://www.savethelight.org/

This is also a great place for a day hike, picnic, camping or a WEDDING! Many couples have wed in this picturesque location - my sister recently had a beautiful ceremony amongst the driftwood with the view of the lighthouse as the backdrop. It was a magical day!

To visit the lighthouse travel down Center Street to Ashley Avenue and go east (left) about 8-10 miles until the road ends at the entrance to the park. Leave you car and follow the road to the beach. Depending on the tide, you will be able to walk right up to the lighthouse OR check out the view from across the water. Enjoy!

Sunset on Folly

This is the view from a private island off the inner coastal waterways. We were shuttled here by boat and had a great weekend of camping, hiking, cooking, sunbathing and camp fires. The sunset over the water at about 7:45pm and the stars quickly followed. The quiet night air offered a glimpse into a simpler life among the century oak trees, swaying palmetto frawns and the smell of the sea. It was truly a vacation in paradise.

History of Folly Beach

Our Evolution

The History of Folly Beach – A Timeline

The word "Folly" is an Old English word meaning an area of dense foliage

1600’s Early settlers found an Indian tribe, the Bohickets, inhabiting the island

1696 Folly Island was deeded to William Rivers.

1744 Folly was passed down through a generation and sold to Henry Samsways whose deed referred to the Island as "Coffin Land" and a map from 1780 depicts Folly as such. However, a map dated 1800 shows Coffin Land as the western end of Folly Island where the State Park is now. The name Coffin Land came from the fact that it was customary for ships with plague or cholera victims to the leave the ill travelers on barrier islands before they entered the Charleston port. On their way back out to sea, they would pick up the survivors and bury the dead.

1832 The ship Amelia wrecked on Folly Island while sailing from New York to New Orleans. Twenty of 120 passengers died of cholera while marooned on Folly Island and Charleston cut off communications and supplies to the Island, fearing it would spread into Charleston and become an epidemic.

1838 Thomas Gillespie, a Scottish captain, died on Folly. His marker still stands at the southeastern end of the Island.

1860’s The first shots of the Civil War were fired by Citadel Cadets on Morris Island. Three months later Beauregard’s men fired on Ft. Sumter. The Union army took Folly Island and Morris Island on their way to Charleston

1920’s Rumors of bootlegging on the Island. The original Pavilion was built.

1930’s The new Atlantic Pavilion, Boardwalk, Pier and Oceanfront Hotel were built where the Holiday Inn now stands.

1932 Nine families lived on the Island year-round

1934 Gershwin stayed at 708 West Artic and wrote Porgy & Bess. He also judged a local beauty contest.

1937 Over 15,000 people were at the Pier for the 4th of July celebration

1940’s Many homes were built, improvements made to roads & utilities

1955 Elmer "Trigger" Burke (the man who killed Joseph "Specs" O’Keefe of the $1.2 million Brinks robbery) rented a cottage on Folly and was arrested by the FBI on the corner of Erie & Center Street.

1956 The wooden Folly River bridge was replaced with a concrete bridge

1957 The Oceanfront Hotel and Pavilion and Joe’s Restaurant burned

1960’s Ocean Plaza was opened with 1700 feet of boardwalk, pier, amusement rides, shops, roller skating and concessions. This was the Golden Era of Folly Beach. The first surfboard on the Island was introduced by Pat Thomas.

1964 Palm reading was banned on Folly

1967 Horseback riding was banned on the Island

1977 The Pier burned again, suspected arson

1985 Holiday Inn was built

1989 Hurricane Hugo destroyed many homes and devastated the beaches

1995 The current Pier, restaurant and tackle shop was built

Resource: Time and Tide on Folly Beach South Carolina, Gretchen Stringer-Robinson (1998)

The Edge of America - Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a 12.3 square mile island located 9.1 miles from Charleston, SC. Average population is 2,333. Features of the area include inner coastal waterways, marsh, beach and surf. Sporting activities include fishing, surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, parasailing, biking, camping water skiing, wake boarding and jet skiing. Turtles, Pelicans, Seagulls, Egrets and Dolphin can be spotted! Stunning sunsets and long sandy beaches are a true attraction to this amazing island.

Welcome to "Find me on Folly"!

Folly Beach is a magical place!
"The Edge of America" and the jewel of Charleston, South Carolina.
I have recently found a great affection for this island and want to share it with the world. Join me as Gordon and I explore all that Folly has to offer...beach time, bike rides, great restaurants, marsh views, sunsets, surfing, boat rides, community events, tourist info, beautiful beach houses and wildlife. Enjoy!